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Punch Club Gameplay and Let’s Play – Braddock is about to have a great day! A little hard work and, he too, can own the Musclator Maximizer 5000! In truth, he may only ever afford to buy a dirty, sweaty workout bench…

Join me as we immerse ourselvse in the dark underbelly of underground street fighting in this surprisingly in-depth retro management strategy RPG. It may not look like it at first glance, but this title fits the channel nicely!

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What is Punch Club?

Punch Club is a fighting sim/tycoon where you train really hard, unlock new skills, and figure out who killed your father. Developed by Lazy Bear Games in Russia, and published by the Seattle-based indie publisher tinyBuild, Punch Club is set to release in January 2016 on Steam and Mobile.

Along the way you’ll want to focus your talents. Will you take the Way of the Tiger, the Way of the Turtle, or the Way of the [other one?]? Your strength, accuracy and agility all depends on whichever Way enlightens your path. Do you have stripes, or flippers?

And every decision will matter, especially in your social life. You’ll be juggling friendships, love life, work, recreational time, relationships, and possible stardom, all alongside your gym time and fighting aligators. It’s not all just pumping iron, you know.

– Fighter management sim with RPG and tycoon elements
– Find out who killed your father, and maybe learn something about yourself along the way
– Heavily story-driven, with multiple different narrative branches and game endings to discover
– Get as deep with stats as you like, and find your own way through extensive skill trees
– Gorgeous pixel visuals with 80-90s references and nostalgia all over the place
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How can you remember everyones name? In this episode I go over some of my best tactics to remember everyones name. It’s so important. When you remember someone’s name, they feel like they left an impact on you and it shows that you were fully engaged with them during your conversation.

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Batman vs Superman – Batman Unlimited – Bane Packs a Punch – Episode 20


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Batman vs Superman – Batman Unlimited Episode 20 – Bane Packs a Punch
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CLAYFACE, who’s taken the form of lava, is hot on the heels of ROBIN, who goes full-speed on the Bat-ATV with a boiling wave burning up the road behind him. When the deadly, shape-shifting villain catches up with him, it looks like Robin has had his last adventure until BATMAN soars over in the BATJET. But it’s going to take more than speed and weaponry to take on this fiery colossus. It’s going to take teamwork like they’ve never used before.

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