Episode Unlimited Hack

(UPDATED) Episode Gems & Passes Generator

How many of you are not familiar with this game – Episode – Choose Your Story? I bet most of you are.. Nevertheless, just a few sentences for those who don’t. Basically, it is a game where you can virtually live through your stories with all kinds of feelings i.r. romance, love, drama etc. In Episode game you create your own character and go with it into your favorite stories. What is more, there are more than 100,000 different stories and you can make the most important choices in each of them. In conclusion, it is really fun and entertaining game, however it has some hidden bad parts, which are made specifically to milk money from your personal account. As you play, you will notice that there is a great need for extra gems and passes too, and game creators offers you to buy those with real money – it is not cheap. To solve this problem we have created Episode Hack, which will let you have those resources unlimited and free!

Episode Hack

Once we got an idea to develop a solid, working, undetectable Episode Hack, it looked like an impossible task, because servers of Episode were so well protected. However, our developers team did not give up and in more than 4 months we have found some glitches which allowed inject our own code inside their servers, which is not letting us inject resources into anyones account within seconds. We have created this Episode Hack for people who cannot afford paying for virtual goods, if you are lucky enough to have plenty of money and it does not mean much to you, please go and buy gems and passes instead of using this online hack.

Enjoy Unlimited Episode Gems & Passes!

Initially, when we launched this Episode Generator, there were no limitations. Everyone who came here could generate as much gems and passes as they needed, however as our tool is now going viral and we get more and more users every day, now we had to put some limitations. Limitations are still pretty high and most likely you will be able to use this Episode hack with no problem. But, just in case, if once you open generator, you can see a warning telling you that it is over for today, please come back tomorrow and try again.

How to use Episode Generator?

Using Episode cheats is very straightforward. It is a simple online web form, which you have to fill. Enter your email/username for identification of your gaming account, select amounts of resources you need and click generate. Afterwards, just follow instructions, it should not take more than 5 minutes to go through all the steps and once everything is done, resources will be added immediately into your account. If you have Episode game opened, please turn it off and open again, once you do this, you will see all resources added.

What are the requirements for Episode Hack?

No requirements. Just a valid email for account identification and a working internet browser which can send requests and receive responses. Any current modern internet browser qualifies. You can do this from your iPhone or Android phone as well as from any personal computer.

(UPDATED) Episode Gems & Passes Generator